New Paradigm – the meaning.

On the surface, this is simply a big word that means new perspective or new model of thinking. Likewise, the Shift and Quickening are basically the bridge between the old and the new and the increasing rate at which our lives seem to be passing. While we see these definitions as fine to use in simple terms, we hold a much deeper understanding of the concept that these terms represent, how they influence many factors within our lives including the way we conduct business.

Please take a moment to read the following as it represents our Mission and core Philosophy. It also clarifies the meaning behind many of the terms used throughout our website and within our programs and services we provide.

A Shift from an old to New Paradigm.

The Current Situation

The Current Situation

NOW and from here on, the manner in which we conduct ourselves in business and our personal lives MUST be done in an efficient, responsible manner with full mental awareness of our thoughts, words and actions that flow in unity with all of life on this planet if we are to continue to evolve into a loving state of being with, joy, peace and wellness as primary attributes.

However, is this a realistic achievement or simply another path paved with good intentions leading to more-or-less the same “business as usual” plagued with anger, indifference, massive die-off & extinctions of epic proportions, rampaging disease epidemics and war? How many will even take the time to read this statement nor understand the implications of our current state of affairs and false reality tightly controlled and spoon-fed to the masses by a Hidden Hand? Is there any hope of taking our rightful place within the Cosmos as the Sovereign, Powerful Beings we truly are or is this reserved for only a select few who have placed themselves in charge to decide for the rest of us?

The Solution

The Founders of Agency Eleven (AE) propose a bold new approach of how we conduct business on a Global scale by taking charge of our lives and taking back our independence and sovereignty at this pivotal moment in history represented by a Shift from an old to New Paradigm. The end of one cycle and the transition into the next is marked by a significant rise in mass consciousness; not only within the human species but our planet Earth as a whole. It has been well established throughout the sciences, within the oral history of indigenous peoples and upon the monuments of antiquity across the Globe, that Earth—our Mother and sanctuary within the Cosmos—is a living, breathing entity herself.

The concept of the “Web of Life” and what we do to one strand affects the whole, is no longer simply an Esoteric analogy or concept but instead a reality that we must take seriously without another moment of ignorance to spare! The standard goal of corporations should be providing the goods and services needed to optimize quality of life for people in a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable way.

Co-Creating With our Clients

A primary role of AE is to assist corporations in meeting their goal through a number of options beginning with a new Awareness that occurs by achieving alignment with the New Paradigm for maximum success.

Once aligned, further needs and guidelines can be assessed and provided for through AE’s acquired knowledge, improved mental techniques and development of customized business models co-created with our clients (Businesses, Organizations, Governmental Agencies or other venues of opportunity) with the intention of creating a new form of Leadership equipped with the necessary skills and tools necessary to pass this knowledge on throughout their respective places of operation, their societies or local culture and families with the objective of educating others in like manner so that hypothetically, this knowledge grows exponentially to the point of critical mass or the state at which a concept becomes intuitively available through collective consciousness (see 100th Monkey Effect).

Some may struggle with some of the terminology used within this statement and our website in general. Therefore we will take a moment to provide some basic definitions followed by the deeper meaning behind New Paradigm and related terminology according to AE’s philosophy and mission.

The Shift

Our World—including Business and Commerce—is shifting into a “New Paradigm” at an ever increasing pace or “Quickening” and for most, the beginning of this shift will seem very unfamiliar—like navigating uncharted waters as you and your organization commit to the transformation process and a completely new manner of conducting business.

Fortunately, you already have the answers you seek for this transformation and we are here—in essence—to assist you in remembering the answers and solutions that will provide the necessary skills and tools to move successfully through this period of change or “transition”. From a Global Business perspective it is increasingly evident that changes of proportional magnitude are occurring from an old to New Paradigm—referred to as “The Shift”—at an ever increasing rate (the Quickening).

Many may be confused or unfamiliar with these terms since they are used heavily in the New Age Movement and circles within the scientific world of recent Quantum Physics that suggest we may be holograms within a “computer-like program”. Fortunately, we can provide both simple definitions of these terms, plus the deeper meaning and how they apply in our personal lives, in today’s business environment and the solutions required to successfully master these changes we are witnessing on a Global scale.

New Paradigm

On the surface, this is simply a big word that means new perspective or new model of thinking. Likewise, the Shift and Quickening are basically the bridge between the old and the new and the increasing rate at which our lives seem to be passing [respectively]. While we see these definitions as fine to use in simple terms, we hold a much deeper awareness and understanding of the concept that these terms represent, how they influence many factors within our lives including the way we think, interact with one another, conduct business and discover innovations that benefit us, others and the World in general.

It represents a transformational process that requires a whole new way of thinking and viewing the path ahead. This is the basis of our unique services by helping others form a new awareness and understanding of what is occurring, what we as individuals, groups or organizations need in the way of proper mind-set, skills and tools required to navigate a sustainable path ahead and best meet current or future needs to ensure a position at the forefront of success within our radically changing world.

The Cyclic Nature of our Civilization

Understanding the cyclic nature of human civilization, the vast amount of Knowledge hidden from us including our true History (where we come from, why we’re here and where we’re going) and replaced by false programming in the old paradigm have bound and disillusioned mankind to the point of restricting our full creative abilities is a good beginning to the “Deeper Meaning” that we speak of concerning aspects of a New Paradigm.

The advent of the Internet was the beginning of the end for the old paradigm as it became clear that we had entered an era where knowledge and science is open to everyone. Science has shown that cycles could be traced back through the fossil and Geological records and through documentation or spoken record of indigenous societies across the globe with each cycle marked by climate change (i.e. Ice Age). It is also now evident that we are in the middle of transition from and old to New Cycle or Paradigm. The indigenous have stated that we are about to enter into a Golden Age of peace and significant advancement in knowledge and technologies that benefit All Earthlings and the Planet as a whole.

Innovative Advancements

Although the current monster trends we see today include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Nanotechnology, our team here at the Agency foresee a significant growth towards Innovative Advancements and Novel Technologies in the broad field of Alternatives (Agriculture, Building Materials, education, Energies, Medicines and much more), Environmental Protection, Waste Management & Wellness…Industries that lean toward Enhanced Awareness and thus Proper Environmental Stewardship of ALL Earthlings in a Sustainable manner.

We must also work towards the preservation of unfiltered access to a neutral Internet so we can test the validity of our ideas, we can enhance our imagination by making new correlations, and we can be part of the evolution of our understandings of the universe and of the mind.

Anything is Possible

In quantum mechanics we have learned to approach reality differently and see everything as probabilities instead of certainties. In a mathematical sense, anything is possible; this is where Co-Creation becomes a reality. As well as in science as in our daily lives, the extent to which we can calculate or figure out probabilities is determined by our intellectual capability to recognize patterns.

The less biased we are, the clearer we can identify these patterns and base our actions on reasonable probabilities. Since it’s in the very nature of our brain’s left hemisphere to deny ideas that do not fit into our current paradigm, the more attached we are to a belief system, the less able we are to make conscious choices for ourselves. But by observing this process, we expand our awareness and enhance our free will.

There is no Right or Wrong

It is said that wisdom comes with age, but with openness and skepticism, the key principles of the scientific method, we don’t need decades of trial and error to sort out which of our convictions may be improbable. The question is not whether our beliefs are right or wrong, but whether or not being emotionally attached to them is more or less likely going to benefit us. There is no such thing as a free choice while being emotionally attached to a belief system. The moment we are self-aware enough to realize this, we can truly work together to figure out the real odds of what will benefit us the most.

Our Full Creative Abilities

With a New Paradigm comes the need for release from the old, restrictive mindset and Full Awareness of our Creative capabilities. Guiding people and organizations through the transitional process by developing a new manner of using Mental Awareness, focus and thus discovering the full power of the creative process are just the beginning aspects and vital importance that our services provide for clients and together the successful benefits that our innovative collaborations, projects, services and novel technologies bring to the world will be awe inspiring!