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Let us use our collective consciousness to co-create
the utopian world we all want to live in.

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south africa, usa

Ubuntu Shop – Ubuntu Movement

Imagine a perfect world full of harmony and abundance. The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives.

This idea came to Michael Tellinger through his research into the origins of humankind and ancient human history – when he realized that the origins of money on our planet did not evolve out of thousands of years of barter and trade as we have been told, but that there was a very specific time, which is well described in the Sumerian clay tablets, when money was introduced as an absolute tool of enslavement over humanity, by the ancient royal political elite, whose bloodline descendants continue to use money as a tool of enslavement over the people today.

  1. Branding
  2. Website Design
  3. eCommerce
  4. Mobile
  5. UI/UX
  6. Content Design
ubuntu shop

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ubuntu shop
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